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Coffee Portraits or Land of The Lost Roll pt. 4

On a recent cleaning/organizing binge I discovered several lost or forgotten rolls of film kicking around my room. Here is  a short series taken from one of those rolls… I love coffee more than just about anything. Sharing it with … Continue reading

Land of The Lost Roll pt.3…FireFly Portraits

What once was lost, now is found…again…This summer I attended and photographed the FireFly Music Festival near Flagstaff, Ariz. While there I played a little with my new-at-the-time Mamiya RB67. One of the many thing that inspired my curiosity at FireFly, was … Continue reading

Land Of The Lost Roll Pt. 2 – Return to FujiChrome Island…

Once again I have found a roll (or in this case two) that have until now escaped my careful eye for some reason or another. If you study your history you will undoubtably remember a post on this blog a … Continue reading

Land Of The Lost…Roll

Deep in the bowels of my refrigerator…bottom shelf, behind the cheese, next to the plastic heart (yes I keep a plastic heart in my fridge) and around the corner from the un-exposed film stash sat an exposed roll of Kodak 400TX. … Continue reading