Panning For Gold…Photo 181 Motion Demo Followup

Last night I posted about a demo on photographing motion in my Photo 181 class. I told my students that it might be good to shoot every bicyclist on the ped-way in front of the Student Union. Then I realized this was actually a good idea and decided to try it myself. Hit the link to see some panning practice…

There were lots of bikes on the racks, but surprisingly few bikes actually moving. Perhaps I picked an odd time of day. Some people had skateboards…

I had a few successes, but have to admit panning is really hard to do well. I did discover a few success tips but had plenty of failures.

Not totally sharp, but not too bad either.

It’s nice to make busy backgrounds into abstract color even in the middle of the day (when a large aperture is often hard to use).

Just thought that if I was going to ask students to photograph something, that I should as well. Plus it was a fun way to kill an hour or two…


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