Snow Day Walk About

As you may or may not know, Flagstaff received several inches of snow last night. While this is great for the…skier types…it really interferes with my daily commute (which is by foot). While running errands today I shot a few compositions with my Android’s RetroCam App. Hit the link to see some more…

My current favorite ‘camera’ to use in RetroCam is the Xolariod, which as you may have guessed is a faux Polaroid look, wich some saturation increase, a slight vignette and scratches.

It seems Dorothy abandoned the ruby slipper on the edge of this trash can just before the snow began to fall…

This last shot is App-less. Just the plain-old camera phone. I was trying to do some panning on the train, but the trigger delay is too slow (even being pre-focused) and the shutter-speed too fast….

Till next time


2 responses to “Snow Day Walk About

  1. I love Dorothy’s abandoned slipper!

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