Behind the Scenes-Grand Falls

grand falls

Yesterday afternoon, Matt Beaty and Andrew Paffrath of The Visual Collective, and Katie McKinnon, who as it turns out is my neighbor, drove out to Grand Falls, Ariz. The river wasn’t very high and we were able to hike down and behind part of the falls, keep reading to see pics and other behind the scenes stuff…andrew is readyAndrew is thumbs-up ready to cross the river


failAndrew actually crossing the river…man that water’s cold

Once we crossed the river and were on the other side, everyone ventured into and around the water fall shooting video, photos and having a good time in the sun.

going all the wayandrew getting up-close and personal with the water

After some time we decided to head home and hit a few location on the way…back through the desert we went. Eventually we found a big, cracked and flat area (dry lake bed?). Andrew did some donuts in his Honda car, Katie held some fabric in the wind.

lake bed


On our way from this location we had to stop so andrew could chase some cows


we took some photos too…



So that’s a brief behind the scenes look at the third prelude-outing of the visual collective.  I will post a look at the photography i did soon, and keep an eye out for more fun stuff…


2 responses to “Behind the Scenes-Grand Falls

  1. Love love love it! Nothing beats the DP of a trip like this dunking his ass (and gear) in the water.

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