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Best of News::2015

It took me a while to get it together, but here is the second part of my “Best of 2015” post. Check out the previous post for images of sports, presented here are more news related images from the past year. I would like to put together one more as a “Best of Personal Work” but I will need to get a scanner as I shot almost exclusively film when not at work…Find me in person and I will let you dig through my box of prints if that appeals to you. In the mean time, please enjoy a selection of my favorite images from the past year. As always the best way to view the images is to click on the first one and enter slideshow mode…



Some Recent Prints

Been off the blog train for a while, that’s not to say that I haven’t been shooting, quite the opposite. So far 2015 has been a very busy year, look for additional updates in the coming weeks as I try to get weekly updates going again.

In the mean time, here is a selection of images taken this spring. They are photos of original black and white prints I made in the darkroom, but was somewhat too lazy to actually scan them for the blog. Enjoy…

A Few Fine Features

A selection of feature shots from the last month or so taken around Flagstaff…Enjoy.

Forest Thinning

In an attempt to keep the ball rolling, here is another slideshow from a recent assignment I shot for the Arizona Daily Sun…State and local crews are working on a few sizable forest thinning projects in the Flagstaff area. Some residents see trucks full of logs coming out of the forest and fear that ¬†the thinning has gone too far and is more like a clear cut.

Unfortunately the article kind of spins it this way, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The thinning of sick, dead and over crowded Ponderosas is necessary for forest health and to help reduce the risk from wildfire. Our forests are far too dense from generations of mismanagement, a forest floor covered in pine needles is bad, there needs to be open space, grasses and flowers too. Here is a link to the original article, and the slide show below, click on an image to enter the slide show and see captions etc…

Winter Storm On It’s Way

Flagstaff is supposed to be hit with what could be our first real winter storm this weekend. I drove to the edge of the Mogollon Rim to check out the clouds as they roll into Flagstaff. Although it came close, the sun never broke through the clouds to give a little color to the sunset; however, considering the frigid nature of this storm system, I think I prefer the cold color palette in these photos…

Traffic Boosting Cow

mahoney_20131015_8658So let’t try this again…Following the success of other traffic boosting animal portraits on this site, I present you, my little droogies, with a traffic boosting cow. View of San Francisco Peaks from Rogers Lake County Natural Area.


Lost River Range

mahoney_20130812_4817While driving through Idaho this week I stopped outside Arco to take this 18 image panorama of the Lost River Mountain Range. Borah Peak, Idaho’s highest, is visible on the right through the smoke from some nearby wildfires. Click on the photo to see a larger, zoomable size…

Sunrise On The Edge Of The World

mahoney_20130726_01246Spent Thursday night camping on the edge of the Mogollon Rim with a group of friends. This spot offers unparalleled views of the edge of the rim and into Sedona. The above shot was taken just before sunrise out of a rock precipice several hundred feet above the canyon floor, there is quite a bit of fog and some monsoon rain clouds in the distance…


::4th Annual FireFly Gathering::2013::

mahoney_20130628_0205Last weekend in a cow pasture just outside¬†Flagstaff, hundreds gathered from near and far for the 4th annual FireFly Gathering. I had the Fuji X100 out with me all weekend, the results are over on my Facebook Page Here…


More Photograms

mahoney_20130619_00999A riff on the same, I can’t get enough of these graphic/documentary style images. With the UV rays climbing up here on the mountain, and summer boredom setting in, I have another series of photograms for your enjoyment. Hit the link to see the gallery… Continue reading