digital negatives

I spent the better part of this morning scanning some negatives and processing the images. Below are a few examples, all were taken within the last month either in the studio or on an adventure with thevisualCollective.

emilyIllford HP5 Plus, Canon AE-1, 50mm. One Speedotron Black Line flash head in a  medium soft box.

It could be argued that digitizing a black and white negative is kind of bastardizing the medium, and while this may be true on some level, I don’t believe it. I think it is more of a synergy between two mediums that create a new one. Personally, I think digitized negatives are very cool.

amandaIllford HP5 Plus, Canon AE-1, 50mm. One Speedotron Black Line flash head in a  medium soft box.

In my film days I really only dealt with natural light, so shooting in the studio with flash was a fun learning experience and something I plan on doing more of in the future.

kyraIllford FP4 Plus. Canon AE-1, 50mm. Natural, afternoon light

Above is Kyra at the Las Vegas campground near Lake Mead on the recent visualCollective trip to Death Valley, Calif.

ashley and mattIllford FP-4 Plus, Canon AE-1, 50mm. Lots (like a deceptive amount) of natural light.

Matt and Ashley standing on the Bad Water Salt Flats before our shoot there. BTW, although it may seem like a good/fun idea, don’t lick the salt flat. I did and couldn’t get the taste out of my system for several hours.

Hope you enjoyed the negatives i processed this morning, more to come in the future.


2 responses to “digital negatives

  1. easylifestyles

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time traveling with my family is something that truly makes me happy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

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  2. Thank’s and i’m glad you like my blog. Traveling to places new and old, getting out of my usual routine and seeing something else are big inspiration for me.

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