Photo shoot 3`27`2011

After a brief hiatus to get my mid term portfolio in order, i am back with my weekly photo shoots for my capstone project, which i guess is thematic/alternative portraiture.

katie kamra

hit the link to keep reading and see more images from this weeks shoot, which is Lomography inspired portraits with ring-flash…


For those not hip-to-the-fact, Lomography is a photographic movement involving medium format film cameras, usually made of plastic that produce very unique images. It is about wide angles, double exposures, blown out subjects and getting a spontaneous artistic feel out of the images.


Katie has a great Lomography camera that came with a funky ring flash. We took a trip to Sedona, Ariz. so i borrowed the flash and used it with my digital body to try it out and see what happened. Shooting at wide angle and on the minimum focal distance, i got in close and blew out the subject for a funky/artsy feel.

katiethis is my personal favorite from the day.

When shooting at 18mm the outside of the ring flash creates an odd vignette that i fell in love with. In combination with the super-even light from the ring flash and a little bit of post-processing i think the over all feel came across very well.

on the ground

the other thing about ring flash is the distinctive catch-light it gives in the eyes and the halo like shadow cast behind the subject, it can be gimmicky sometimes, but i think it worked very well here.


I think these images have a nice commercial edge, like i hope all my images do. They showcase the clothing/jewelry and the product (which in this case is a camera) but also are creative portraits of a beautiful person.


I had a lot of fun experimenting with this look and plan on doing a lot more in the future. In the mean time i have some fun shoots planned in the coming weeks so check back soon for more great content.

chomp This one uses the ring flash but i zoomed in so that the ring was out of the cameras field of view, although i like this one, i prefer the vignette.

drivingquick grab in the car on the way to lunch.

Next week, another shoot with the one and only Melissa Misfortune, it will be quite a bit different than the last time around, but should be good.


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