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For those of you out there who have followed this blog or my photography with some regularity will know that I am a member of thevisualCollective. Our group travels to various locations and produces a bunch of great content. Everyone from photographers and videographers to models, musicians and anyone with the desire for a creative adventure is welcome. We just wrapped our Zion National Park trip, which was amazing and there will be a ton of great stuff to come soon from myself and the other 12 travelers. For me one of my favorite things to do on these trips is to take daily portraits of everyone at camp in the evening. you can see the ones from Death Valley National Park here… Beyond being fun, I hope to document our locations, change in looks i.e. getting dirtier, and just show the group out in the world. They are shot quickly and no one does any real prep for the shoots.

This time around we had a lot more people and a few more days/locations. I will dedicate the rest of this post to photos with a little description. Click the link to see more and be entertained…tvC members feel free to download and use these photos on your facebook, if you have any questions/concerns text me…

Night 1:

Location: The Sound House, current staging area for all tvC outings. We got a late start and these are all taken at about midnight. Everyone was in various states of consciousness and preparedness.













Night 2:

After leaving Flagstaff for Page, Ariz. on night one, we headed to Loan Rock Beach, on the Arizona/Utah boarder. Everyone proceded to get sunburned to various degrees, i escaped with minimal damage, willie not so much. There was a great sunset and since it was the beach we decided to mix things up a bit and do some implied nude portraits where everyone would cover up with some creative object of their choosing….what follows is nothing you wouldn’t see at any beach in the states or abroad, and is probably rated pg-13, however…it may not be work appropriate. Still good? scroll down to get more.

kilt lifter camera strap

pointy fingers

floral pasties

cowboy hat

flowing fabric

plastic cameras



handheld canon 7D

katie’s hands

black bar

adventure hat

Night 3:

After arriving in Zion the next day and bumming around camp for a while, it was time to shoot once again. This time I wanted to utilize the natural beauty of the surrounding canyon to give the images a sense of place, since we had a bunch of lights and batteries with us, i went for a multi light set up and shot against the setting sun on a rock face across the road from our camp…

camp cup katie

adventure alissa

camper kaite

kickin it katya

livin la vida lucas

wild card willie

majestic matt

the convention

the handsomest hobo

super steph

it’s a me

Night 4:

It rained….it started early in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon. However, by the time we returned to camp the rain did as well. Andrew, Matt and I cooked Crazy Campsite Cthulhu Colon Cleanser Chili in the rain; after which everyone proceded to huddle in their tents for the remainder of the soggy night. Needless to say this didn’t discourage me from shooting my beloved daily portraits. I got a little DIY with a trash bag for a light modifier and visited the tents to do my rounds. What follows is everyone in a various stage of grumpiness…

getting a little cabin fever

nursing a  sunburn and a bottle

why the long face sunshine

poor katie

mudslide matt

actually katya doesn’t look too miserable…

soggy shaggy

dad is kind of grumpy

steph would only come out as far as her eyes

at least katie gets to cuddle the bunny

i’m a hot mess

Night 5:

The final shot was, as usual, taken at The Sound House after unpacking the cars. Everyone stands in line and tolerates one more portrait before getting out of dodge and hitting the shower. I like to do these in black and white with natural light.

stephanie, legalize gay.

willie, those kids don’t have shoes

alissa, fuzzy black sweater

shaggy, shirt number two

the convention, nice button

katie, also nice buttons

katie, uh…i can’t think of anything

katya, uh…sorry my creative juices are running out and i just want to finish this post.

andrew, dbacks and birth control galsses

matt, ask if he wears underwear under his kilt

me, nice buttons

well thats it for now. I have a ton more images from thevisualCollective v2.0 to come, and will be posting them in the next few weeks….


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