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Slide Film and Other Distractions

As the title implies and as I have alluded to in the previous post on this blog, I have found a new love for slide film…

I have been distracted in other ways too (new glass for my Nikon), but 120mm Fujichrome is just so cool.

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daily affirmations from tvC v2.0

tvc banner

For those of you out there who have followed this blog or my photography with some regularity will know that I am a member of thevisualCollective. Our group travels to various locations and produces a bunch of great content. Everyone from photographers and videographers to models, musicians and anyone with the desire for a creative adventure is welcome. We just wrapped our Zion National Park trip, which was amazing and there will be a ton of great stuff to come soon from myself and the other 12 travelers. For me one of my favorite things to do on these trips is to take daily portraits of everyone at camp in the evening. you can see the ones from Death Valley National Park here… Beyond being fun, I hope to document our locations, change in looks i.e. getting dirtier, and just show the group out in the world. They are shot quickly and no one does any real prep for the shoots.

This time around we had a lot more people and a few more days/locations. I will dedicate the rest of this post to photos with a little description. Click the link to see more and be entertained…tvC members feel free to download and use these photos on your facebook, if you have any questions/concerns text me…

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