Kaleidoscope Fun…

Recently a good friend sent me a small kaleidoscope as a graduation present. It is fun to look through and being me, I had to find a way to shoot a camera through it…so I did. Here are a few of the images taken through it. 

I guess I have been in an experimental mood lately with my photography. Lots of abstract and more graphic type images.

This one is a picture of the dog JB who lives with my-friend-bob-smith-who-lives-downstairs.

Katie’s cat Lucy


I shot these with my 50mm prime lens by cutting a cardboard mask to fit the inside diameter of the lens, then cut a kaleidoscope sized hole in the middle of that. Now all the light hitting the sensor had to come through the kaleidoscope.

Depending on what aperture I used, the image would be circular or full-frame. There was some detail loss with a shallower depth of field, but nothing drastic.

It turns out that the best setting is somewhere in the middle of the range ~f/4-f/8.

Well that’s it for today, another experimental day in paradise. Should have some more fun concept shoots coming your way in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.


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