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‘Best’ of 2012

Here on the last day of 2012 I have compiled a ‘Best’ of reel (I use the term ‘best’ loosely) These images represent my creative journey this year, and while I may have shot better work, these are some of my favorites. Click on an image to enter the slide show and enjoy…they are in approximately the following order…compositions, disco-tec, studio portrait, location portrait, critters…


Busy Bee

Just a quick post to break up the blog stream a little. There were several bees enjoying the sunflowers outside my house today, captured this little guy with my Nikon D300s, Nikkor Micro 55mm with +4 magnification filter attached, handheld. Virtually no post processing, this really deserves to be viewed large…

Grasshopper Madness

There is a patch of wild mint growing around my friend Willie’s house. In that patch of mint are innumerable grasshoppers. What follows is a selection of images showing the variety of colors, sizes and shapes these six-legged insects presented us with this afternoon… Continue reading

Cicada Carapace Close-up

Found this little guy (or at least what’s left of him) clinging to a blade of grass at my friend Willie’s house. Plucked the grass, made a little stand and shot it macro style…

These Cicada shells are quite common, this one is smaller than average though, measuring only 7/8″ long. Shot at home with an sb-600 shooting through white paper for the backdrop and a small ring-flash as the on axis key. Nikon D300s, Nikor 55mm Micro lens.

Busy Bee

Found this little guy dead on the sidewalk on my way home the other day. Truth be told, there is nothing little about him, it is one of the largest bumble bees I have ever seen. Thought I would share…

Traffic Boosting Goat…

Following the success of last weeks traffic boosting cat photo. Here is another try, a traffic boosting goat. Enjoy…

Traffic Boosting Cat

I read somewhere that if a website wants more traffic, they need only put cat photos on their home page. Let’s see what happens, science go!

It’s All In The Details

As the name of this post might imply, the following are a series of detail shots taken recently at a British car rally in Prescott, Ariz. All are shot in the Mamiya RB67 with either FujiChrome Provia or Fuji Acros 100. I’m not sure of what each car is, so if you know tell me in the comments… Continue reading

Mamiya RB67

Back for an almost unprecedented second post in one day. This time to share a shot from my other new friend, the Mamiya RB67. I have put several rolls through this bad-boy, some of which you have seen here. After two weeks, I finally got my FujiChrome back from the lab (more to come tomorrow). In the mean time enjoy this detail of a stand up bass some one had in downtown Prescott a few weeks ago.

Macro Moments

Just a quickie today. I like to shoot flies when I can, it is challenging and also could have other artistic implications if you are prone to giving meaning to things like that.

I got this guy to cooperate for a few frames before he flew off. Shot on my desk with a piece of paper,  a 55mm macro lens and a small cheap ring flash. Not too bad for 30 min work.