Macro Moments Mit My Moomesa Mates

…Ok so I had to borrow from German for that alliteration, but who cares, meaning is more important than the words anyway…

This weekend I traveled to Oak Creek Canyon, Ariz. and Kingman, Ariz. with my girlfriend Katie. Her parents have a bunch of land outside Kingman, a little ranch called Moomesa. While there, I shot on my macro lens extensively. Spring is in full bloom, flowers are bursting with color and insects are on the prowl. Hit the link to see a bunch of macro style nature shots, as well as other photos from the weekend…

Prickly Pear cactus flower.

Prickly Pear cactus flower con honey bee.

















Purple flower of some kind in Oak Creek Canyon. These are all natural light, hand held images. I like to play with macro photography, but felt like I really explored it more than usual this weekend. Guess I was just inspired to see things on a tiny scale.

Part of the industrial composition portfolio. I love old advertisements, so quaint…

Macro industrial composition. Even wire fences can be interesting when taken out of context and examined on a tiny scale.

Yellow flowers in Oak Creek Canyon. I should really research the scientific names of these flowers, if and when I do this post will be updated. I like the color palette of this image.

Lens baby riff on a classic composition.

















Only saw one or two of these flowers growing around Moomesa, thought they were kind of alien looking…

















Particularly pointy prickly pear points

White flowers growing at Moomesa. I was trying to pay extra attention to color palette and compositions this weekend.

Lens baby industrial composition. Moomesa is like a museum of antiquated technology. This Singer sewing machine is no exception.


Extreme close up composition.

















Besides skeletons of technology past, there are plenty of actual skeletons as well. This is some kind of…I don’t know…

One of the inhabitants of Moomesa, Porky Pig Dog.

Macro of Meshka the horse’s eye, I don’t know the flies name…

Another former inhabitant of Moomesa, Katie at home in the tree house.

About the only moment Jordan, a part time Moomesa resident, wasn’t running around and screaming was when he took up my Nikon EM to snap a few frames. A rare moment captured in an instant.

If you have made it this far, I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my macro shots from this weekend. I will have some more from the film camera soon as well as a fun camera collection update in a day or two. Until then…



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