friday afternoon cat scans

What to do on a rainy Friday afternoon? Scan your cats of course…hit the link to read more

Lucy Cat is the Orange Tabby, she was only mildly opposed to being scanned.

These are totally a symptom of boredom, I have done some 3-d scanning in the past as part of design classes, but never anything like this…

Our newest cat Little Fuzz kind of liked getting scanned.

It is hard to scan a moving object, it creates weird blur and odd streaks.

To scan your cat, rat or other small critter, simply open the top of your flat-bed scanner and put the cat on top of the glass, press scan and you are in business…

one more of Little Fuzz.

Heather Cat wouldn’t sit down, but she let me scan her paws a few times…

I don’t know where her other paw went..

So I hope you enjoyed looking at my cat scans, boredom on a rainy day can cause random acts of creativity…


2 responses to “friday afternoon cat scans

  1. Please print these HUGE for our next show. Also, I want one for my house.

  2. These are hilarious! What a funny idea! Also, their paws all look so cute. 🙂

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