new/old workstation

Finally have my new office/workstation set up and ready to rock…after a significant battle with the giant octopus of cords, power strips etc. I came out victorious… Here you can see the Imac I do most of my workflow on as well as a CRT monitor that is connected to my Power Mac G3

To the right is the LeafScan 45 (not yet functional, waiting on one more cord) and a basic printer…Although the LeafScan was the industry standard for over a decade and is still capable of producing amazing quality scans, it is old technology that requires old technology to run it…

There she blows…Power Mac G3……yea it’s got OS 9.2 and a 400MHz processor…it’s only job is to run Doom and the LeafScan 45.

The Mac Grave Yard…the Imac is actually pretty good and is for sale (hint hint) the other two…well…they run OS 8.5…

Just thought someone might be interested in seeing what I’m working with and how it’s all set up…


4 responses to “new/old workstation

  1. Looks like a great command center Captain

  2. … much are you selling the imac for?

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