The Angst Ridden Youth

Yesterday I once again had the pleasure of visiting Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy to talk to a class of students about photography. I showed some of my current work, talked about how I got started in photography, then we went to a nearby park to take some photos and breath some fresh air. Hit the link to see more…

The more I shoot my Yashica Mat 124 G the more I like it. The square format and waist level viewfinder are such a  great combination, not to mention the high resolution 12o film, but I digress….

Youth in revolt climbing fences and going generally wild…

This young lady told me her favorite hobby is trespassing. Having recently run out of unfinished houses to sneak into she has been trying new ground and asked me if she could get into trouble for doing a photo series about her exploits…I told her I didn’t know but that there was a great documentary by Andrew Wonder called ‘Undercity’ that dealt with trespassing in New York City subways and I don’t think he got in trouble (at least I hope not).

Another student sitting on a fence.

I asked the class to send me some of the pictures they took at the park and over the weekend for a post to be released Monday afternoon sometime, so be on the lookout for that. I personally can’t wait to see what I get from them (if they send anything at all)

These guys didn’t get it when I called them angst ridden youth…I thought it was funny…

One group of students wouldn’t go down the slide, but had no problem sitting on top of it, go figure…

Dino DNA

I really like something about this image, compositionally and the emotions it (hopefully) evokes are interesting…

That’s all for now, check back soon for the images the kids send me. And if you didn’t check out the link earlier in the post, do watch Andrew Wonder’s documentary “Undercity” it’s really good…


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