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Some Recent Prints

Been off the blog train for a while, that’s not to say that I haven’t been shooting, quite the opposite. So far 2015 has been a very busy year, look for additional updates in the coming weeks as I try to get weekly updates going again.

In the mean time, here is a selection of images taken this spring. They are photos of original black and white prints I made in the darkroom, but was somewhat too lazy to actually scan them for the blog. Enjoy…


I’m a Star Now

As you may or may not know, in addition to working for the local Flagstaff newspaper, The Arizona Daily Sun, I spend half my week working in a professional darkroom (yes that’s still a thing) making prints for all sorts of clients. Artists, government agencies and other private individuals are among the people I work with. I have prints that are in the Library of Congress, the JFK Library, hotels, offices as well as galleries and homes all over the country. Specific clients that I do regular printing for include Dan Budnik, Shane Knight, David Brookover, Jerry Jacka and more…

Recently a student at Northern Arizona University, Nick Humphries, approached me to ask if he could do a short documentary project for class about me and what I do photographically. After talking for a while, I suggested that while the newspaper is interesting, he should see what I do at the darkroom. He did, I talked into a microphone about it and below is the finished project. I thought it came out pretty well, enjoy…

Update::There was a slightly updated version of the video that includes a few more photos and a surprise ending featuring surprise stuff.

BigZona Burlesque Visits the Monte Vista Hotel

mahoney_20130714_2879A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interacting with and shooting the always fabulous BigZona Burlesque Troupe. This time we took over the roof the the historic Monte Vista Hotel in downtown Flagstaff, Ariz. The monsoon clouds were just forming and the sun was setting in the west. This is one location in town that isn’t opened to photographers or anyone for that matter, very often, I felt quite privileged to be given the access. Please head over to the bZb Facebook page to see more of the images from this series and the other shoots we have put down..


Traffic Boosting Cat::2013 Edition

mahoney_20130706_2232Since it has been well documented that cat photos boost a websites traffic, (not so much for other critters) here is another cat photo designed not only for optimal cuteness but to increase traffic flow to my website…


More Photograms

mahoney_20130619_00999A riff on the same, I can’t get enough of these graphic/documentary style images. With the UV rays climbing up here on the mountain, and summer boredom setting in, I have another series of photograms for your enjoyment. Hit the link to see the gallery… Continue reading

Photograms::Bored Summer Daze

rust5While bored at home this sunny afternoon, I decided to play with some photograms…subjects range from found rust to plants and a negative too. Mediums are either cyanotype or silver halide photo paper, all sun-exposed…I have a gallery over on taylor mahoney photography’s facebook page…head over that way to check out the rest.


Arts and Entertainment

2013-04-11Careful readers of this blog may remember seeing a post a few weeks ago about a fashion centric photo exhibition I am taking part in. This week, Flag Live, the local A&E publication, did a full story on the show and used many of my images with the text. While not the first Flag Live spread I have been featured in, this is one I am particularly proud of. If you aren’t in Flagstaff to get an issue yourself, head over to the Flag Live Website to check out the article and accompanying photos…


4×5 Preview

Over the last few weeks I have been working with my Speed Graphic Miniature. Instead of using normal 4×5 negatives, which are difficult to develop, easily scratched and must be processed in total darkness; I have opted to use regular photo paper as negatives and contact printing the resulting images. Photo paper is easy to handle, cheaper than negative film, and can be processed under normal dark-room conditions. The only draw back is that the paper has an ISO rating of about 3. This means that in full sun at f/32 (I always use the same aperture for consistency in timing my exposures) a normal exposure is about 2 sec…These are a few of my more successful attempts, however they have not been digitized very well (somewhat soft focus). These really need to be viewed in person to appreciate the detail, sharpness and tonal range produced by this camera/paper combo…

Fashion Exhibit

902207_10200344259227572_1423207091_oeveryWEAR: Visions + Thoughts on Fashion

I am participating in a collaborative photo exhibit at the Flagstaff Photography Center opening April 5th. There is a pre-opening party and discussion Thursday, April 4th where the participating artist and other fashion minded people will be discussing how fashion inspires them. If you are in or near Flagstaff, Ariz. during the first three weeks of April, don’t miss this exhibit. I have a bunch of new work showing and would love to see some of your faces. Find out more details on the Facebook Event Page Here…

BigZona Burlesque

I have been working with an up-and-coming burlesque troupe here in Flagstaff. The BigZona Burlesque Project is an up and coming vaudeville burlesque-circus show slated for 2014. Although only in it’s infancy, this group of creatives is sure to delight. Check out their Facebook Page for some preview photos of everyone and to stay up to date with this project. More to come as I have it to share…