I Loves Me Some FujiChrome

I have been really enjoying shooting some 120mm FujiChrome Provia that was given to me by Dr. Gene Balzer, the retired head of the NAU photography program. We frequent the same coffee shop here in Flagstaff and one day he showed up with a large bag full of various 120mm color film. I gave some to my friend/colleague Andrew Paffrath and kept the rest.

This last roll consisted of a bunch of portraits and a few compositional type things. The top image is Jake, and is my favorite of the roll, above is my good friend Bob Smith. A sucker for great window light, I shot both of these handsome fellas in a restaurant in downtown Flagstaff.

It was Willie’s birthday and he got a portrait too. I have been running this film through my Yashica Mat 124G, which although kind of heavy, is one of my favorite cameras to play with.

Katie at a coffee shop in downtown Prescott, Ariz. I love the colors this film reproduces. They are vivid, but not over-saturated with great skin tones, I find that great evening or window light works best with this daylight film.

Some kind of transition from portrait to composition…

Ski lifts on the mountain north of Flagstaff, there was no snow on the ground at the time I took this photo. If there had been, I would have been nowhere near the mountain…

A different view about an hour later

Ozzy the horse

Da Boyz; left to right, Jukebox, Keno, College, Motown and Penny. I took this on timer mode.

Be sure to check back soon(ish) for more color slide stuff, and other c-41 based medium format too.


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