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Halloween at The Raven Café

mahoney_20131031_0783I spent Halloween night shooting a very fun dance party featuring Oh! Allen the DJ and hosted by The Raven Café in Prescott, Ariz. If you are looking for the photos from the night, then head over to the Taylor Mahoney Photography Facebook Page to see more…Make sure you ‘Like’ the page so you can tag yourself and your friends…



Valentines Day at The Raven



Headed down the hill to Prescott, Ariz. for a very special Valentines Day party at The Raven hosted by Oh! Allen the DJ. So from here on, you know the drill…Head over to The Raven Facebook Page, check out what happened, comment/tag away…



F+ Pan 50

A fine film stock, for a fine morning…Nikon FM, Nikon 50mm f/1.8, Ilford F+ Pan 50

Electric Kingdom::Prescott, Ariz. Edition

Electric Kingdom took the show on the road this weekend. Heading down the hill to Prescott, Ariz. for a fun filled night of dancing, killer DJs and so much more…

Check out the images over at the EK Facebook Page Here…


July 4th in Flagstaff

I was out-and-about shooting the 4th of July parade and associated festivities this morning here in Flagstaff, Ariz. Rather than discuss each photo, I will let them stand for themselves, hit the first one to enter the slide-show.

The morning started with a 5 mile fun run (seems like a contradiction to me), followed by the parade and concluded with a good-old-fashioned hotdog eating contest…

Traffic Boosting Goat…

Following the success of last weeks traffic boosting cat photo. Here is another try, a traffic boosting goat. Enjoy…

It’s All In The Details

As the name of this post might imply, the following are a series of detail shots taken recently at a British car rally in Prescott, Ariz. All are shot in the Mamiya RB67 with either FujiChrome Provia or Fuji Acros 100. I’m not sure of what each car is, so if you know tell me in the comments… Continue reading

Mamiya RB67

Back for an almost unprecedented second post in one day. This time to share a shot from my other new friend, the Mamiya RB67. I have put several rolls through this bad-boy, some of which you have seen here. After two weeks, I finally got my FujiChrome back from the lab (more to come tomorrow). In the mean time enjoy this detail of a stand up bass some one had in downtown Prescott a few weeks ago.

Pectoral Popping Personal Pundit

A few weeks ago I posted a few preview images from a shoot I did with Prescott, Ariz. based personal trainer, Robert Altmanshofer. While the images have been finished for a while, I am just getting around to posting about it. Hit the link to see some more and get the behind the scenes scoop… Continue reading

Favorites of 2011 or Stealing Matt Beaty’s Idea For a Post…

I was recently on the Vault Photography Blog reading up on Matt Beaty’s latest post, Best of 2011 (be sure to check out what he is doing over there). What follows is an idea I unabashedly stole from Mr. Beaty and will present as my own below. What follows are a selection of some favorite images I made in 2011…(click to view slideshow)


This was a quick selection, not edited in any particular way nor do they appear in any order.
I probably have a few more that could have made it in, but this was all put together in just a few minutes.
On to 2012, thanks to everyone who made this year great.