More FujiChrome

I love the smell of FujiChrome in the morning…what may be bordering on an obsession, I present to you my droogies a few more rolls of glorious FujiChrome slides. Shot in and around Long Beach Calif. the following images involve a lot of compositions, transitions in solar illumination and most importantly, colors…

For those of you who may not know, I spent a week in December assisting on a photo shoot in Los Angeles.

Check out this link for behind-the-scenes images from that… 

Although I didn’t have much time to do any personal shooting, I did manage to put a few rolls through my lovely Yashica Mat 124-G. Above is a view from the iconic ‘Urban Light’ exhibit outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Another view…

As I alluded to previously, this post will involve transitions in solar illumination. I almost never shoot sunsets, and never shoot sunrise. However, on this trip the only chances I had to shoot were during these times. An interesting exercise, prepare yourself for colorful contrast…

Above is sunset near Hollywood shooting across Wilshire Blvd.

And as promised, compositions…

Double exposure downtown Long Beach.

Another double exposure. Life boats on the Queen Mary.

Some kind of vent…

High contrast window…

Deck chair shadows…

If you didn’t guess, the three previous photos were taken on the Queen Mary.

Gratuitous sunrise images…

Thought these sunrise pictures taken from the bow of the Queen Mary made a nice triptych.

One image of the parking garage next to the hotel.

Patterns in the roof top pool

Well my loyal friends and followers, that is all for now. I will surely post more when I have the content to do so. In the mean time, good shooting.




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