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Some Recent Prints

Been off the blog train for a while, that’s not to say that I haven’t been shooting, quite the opposite. So far 2015 has been a very busy year, look for additional updates in the coming weeks as I try to get weekly updates going again.

In the mean time, here is a selection of images taken this spring. They are photos of original black and white prints I made in the darkroom, but was somewhat too lazy to actually scan them for the blog. Enjoy…


Deserted Desert Drive

While on a recent trip into the California desert via State Rt. 62, I shot a few photos. Strange things exist in the California desert, here area  few of them…

Once again, disregard the pesky metadata provided by the slide show…all images were shot on my trusty Vivitar 35ca (which is more and more my go to travel camera) with Lomography XPro Chrome 100 film…

Pano Pandemonium

Lots and lots of panoramas in the last few weeks. Here are a few examples of the more successful ones. Above is a ruined building at Rholyte, Nev. I believe this is 4 or 5 images. Be sure to click the images to see them a little larger. (most of these are between 70-150″ long in full size, and had to be massively downscaled for web.)

Hit the link for more…

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tvC::Digital Vision::Death Valley 2012

Having recently posted photos of everyone who joined The Visual Collective crew in Death Valley, it is time to post some of the images I captured while there. Hit the link to see more… Continue reading

tvC::Daily Affirmations::Death Valley 2012

At the conclusion of yet another adventure with thevisualCollective, and as has become our tradition, I present you with the ‘Daily Affirmations::Death Valley 1.1’ If you are wondering why the above image has a pixelated look, it is because it is presented in glorious 3-D. Click the image to open it in a new window and experience portraiture in all three dimensions.

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More FujiChrome

I love the smell of FujiChrome in the morning…what may be bordering on an obsession, I present to you my droogies a few more rolls of glorious FujiChrome slides. Shot in and around Long Beach Calif. the following images involve a lot of compositions, transitions in solar illumination and most importantly, colors…

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Spent all of last week in and around Long Beach, Calif. assisting Jose Martinez Photography on a catalog shoot for Pendleton Woolen Mills. Hit the link to check out  a slide show of cell phone images from a few of our locations.

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Ragnar Napa Favorites

I have been falling a little behind in my blogging lately (or at least jumping out of order a little bit). For those of you who are regular readers, you know I just returned from shooting yet another Ragnar Relay; this time in Northern California’s wine country. Hit the link for a few of my favorite’s from the weekend…

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Royal Enfield Blog Feature

enfield in la

About two weeks ago I flew out to L.A. to shoot behind the scenes photos for Royal Enfield Motorcycles as their product was featured on Jay Leno’s very popular web series “Jay Leno’s Garage.” For those who don’t know, Jay Leno has a legendary automobile collection. It takes up several buildings and features many unique and one of a kind cars, motorcycles and steam engines. The photos from that day have been taking over the blogosphere and today, Taylor Mahoney Photography was featured on David Blasco’s blog, royalenfields.com. David is the former photo editor of the Miami Herald, and now writes a blog dedicated to his other passion, Royal Enfield Motorcycles. Hit the link  to visit David’s blog and see some of my photos from the shoot, enjoy. Link to davids blog.

Guest Post

tvc banner
I did a guest post for thevisualCollective‘s blog tonight, check it out here…http://thevisualcollective.com/post/4459488027/guest-post-taylor-mahoney