A Studio Session Saved Again(ish)…


If you have been reading my blog over the past week or two, you may remember a post about saving part of a studio session from a prematurely unplugged computer. If not check it out here…

Now on to current news. Don’t worry, I didn’t unplug anything this time, everything went according to plan, except for the amount of talent that was supposed to pass through my studio on that particular day…

My colleague Matt Beaty and I have been going through a model database we began compiling last fall with the intent of actually shooting some of these people. Initially we just did a quick interview and headshot so we could remember who the person was. Now the time has come to see what each person has to offer.

Matt had five people lined up for about an hour slot each all afternoon. All but one bailed. (I say bailed because to say someone canceled would imply they called/emailed/texted/sent carrier pigeon to let us know they couldn’t make it ahead of their scheduled time) Someone’s time would come and pass, Matt would call and everyone either was out of town or had some other ‘problem’. And not to say they didn’t. In all likelihood these various emergencies got in the way and everyone simply forgot to notify us amongst the chaos. But in my opinion, if someone had agreed to be somewhere (and all had verbally agreed on the telephone several days in advance) then being across the state at the time you are scheduled to shoot is no excuse. If one was on the way to a shoot and got a flat; after calling AAA, wouldn’t you call the photographer/person you were on your way to meet? A no-call-no-show is analogous to quitting/not wanting to partake in something, and that’s fine, I just appreciate a call. We could have left for lunch or something instead. Perhaps this is the price one pays for working with amateur/free models.

To those that chose to bail, I’m sorry we won’t be working together in the future. For the one young lady (Harley) who did come, we were glad to have you and will most definitely be working with you again and inviting you on future Visual Collective trips as talent.

Now without further ado, I will get to the images from the afternoon…

Basically, this was a tryout. As most Visual Collective trips involve workshops in location lighting and model direction, we wanted to see how someone did infront of lights, with multile people shooting, with different concepts and different directorial styles etc.

My idea wasn’t anything crazy, just sharp, clean portraits in a studio setting. Glad I could save this almost non-existant studio day with one good session. Click the first image to see a slideshow.





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