tvC Photo Walk::January 2012

Today marked the first in a new series of events organized by thevisualColelctive…a monthly photo walk.

Besides embarking on Adventures to far off locations, leading workshops, running contests and everything else we do; building a community of like minded individuals who share a creative passion is one of our main goals. To this end, with cameras in tow, a bunch of new friends (and a few old ones) headed out to explore some of Downtown Flagstaff…

It was fun to get out and take a walk for a few hours with a group of people, many of whom I don’t know very well, and just take some pictures.

I saw a lot of lines/compositions involving strong lines…

Did you know I have been shooting  a lot of power-lines lately? It’s true check out more here or just search my blog for many, many examples…

What did I tell you.

More strong lines. This was some kind of power box outside a city building. I like the perspective and almost monotone color palette.

I liked the form of this smokeless ash-tray. Industrial design and all that jazz…

If graffiti is generally considered bad, and American flags generally regarded as good, what about American flag graffiti?

We did some location lighting as well. Matt shot everything at f/22 as a personal handicap to make him think outside the box.

Dano (long time tvC supporter) playing with a lock, which was unlocked.

Self/group portrait in a window…

As those of you who follow thevisualCollective know, we like to do what I call Daily Affirmations. Basically, a daily portrait session where each person on the adventure gets shot in the same light/location/theme but can do whatever they want other than that to express their personality/feelings at the moment. On longer adventures it is fun to see how much dirtier everyone gets over several days. Here it was just a one off thing. I will end with a series of Daily Affirmations from tvC Photo Walk::January 2012

Jarod (spelling?)


Yours truly









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