DLSR Cinematography #2b

Yesterday I shot exercise #2b for my DLSR Cinematography class. The assignment prompt was to have the subject move from one light-source to another while the camera remained static (pans or tilts were allowed). Check out the finished product (below) and find out how it all went down (after the jump) from concept to completion in about 12 hours.

I woke up Wednesday. morning knowing that i had to shoot a project that day to be turned in Thursday. Laying in bed thinking about who i could shoot and what the story would be, i thought back to an old post i read on the strobist blog. I realized that i know a lot of photographers, and photographers have lights. I could use their flashes as a light source (like David did) and have them follow a celebrity figure, illuminating her in sporadic bursts. This should add to the chaotic feeling i was trying to communicate, and gave me a unique and very mobile light source that could also be part of the story.

I put a casting call out on Facebook with my IPod Touch without even leaving bed and hoped that people would respond. I monitored the conversation all day on Facebook and sent out a lot of text messages, by the 7pm crew call i had everyone i needed. Lots of paparazzi and a fashionable model. Social media has gotten me out of so many casting jams recently that i have become a true believer in the power of those media.

The whole thing went down fairly quickly and mostly in one or two takes. There are of course some things i would have done differently had i planned better/longer, but to pull off a shoot like this, with so many extras in about 12 hours is no small feat. Huge thanks to everyone who showed up to help out despite the freezing temperatures and almost complete lack of notice.

My friend Matt Beaty over at Vault Photography put up several behind the scenes shots, some very cool stuff as always Matt. Also thanks for the kind words, it is always a pleasure to have you on set!

Until next time


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