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Culture Shock Stage Construction Time-lapse

While building the stage for Culture Shock yesterday, I broke in my new tripod and shot a time-lapse of the festivities. Check out this short video to see a piece of what went into making the venue look awesome…

Sketch Board Artist Video

As promised in the previous post, here is a short video I made for Paul Hopman, an Arizona based Sketch Board artist who does some amazing portraits of animals. While shooting some street portraits, we got to talking and he asked if I could produce a very short video about his art, which you can see more of here…


tvC: The Movie

For those of you who don’t know, thevisualCollective is a project a few friends and I started about a year ago. Basically ‘Creative Outfitting’ we take groups of creative types to location to be inspired and make art in whatever form that might be. We have been gathering a head of steam in Flagstaff and around Northern Arizona, featured in several galleries, arts & entertainment newspapers and in our collaboration with local business.

In October three participants on our tvC 4.0 Havasupai outing produced a short documentary project about our little group. After months of anxious waiting, it debuted at the Flagstaff Student Film Festival, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Please take the 6 or 7 minutes to watch it, and be sure to check out all the happenings over at thevisualCollective’s web site for free contests, photography, videos and lots of DIY projects…

Thanks again to Talia, Lauren and Nicole for all the hard work, hope to see you again on another tvC outing in the future…

DIY Video #1 Spot Grid

Today saw the release of the first in a series of DIY videos produced by myself and Andrew Paffrath of Lantern City Media in Conjunction with our company The Visual Collective. Last week we released a teser on how to put together a DIY essentials kit, today episode one…Spot Grids.

If you enjoyed this video and found it informative pass it along to other interested people, like us on facebook, follow our tumblr or consider joining a future TVC trip. Check back soon for episode #2 DIY Beauty Dish…

DLSR Cinematography #2b

Yesterday I shot exercise #2b for my DLSR Cinematography class. The assignment prompt was to have the subject move from one light-source to another while the camera remained static (pans or tilts were allowed). Check out the finished product (below) and find out how it all went down (after the jump) from concept to completion in about 12 hours.

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DSLR cinematography ex. 2

tonight i shot the second exercise for my DSLR cinematography class. It was another lighting assignment, the prompt was to have the camera still while the talent moves from one light source to another.

My friends Blake and Lacy were over for dinner tonight after which i had Blake walk through this scenario for me. The whole thing took less than 20 minutes to shoot.

DLSR cinematography Ex. 1

i am currently enrolled in a DSLR cinematography class taught by Dr. Kurt Lancaster. We have several lighting and camera related exercises throughout the semester, this is the first. Continue reading

Camera Collection

I was bored tonight, I also (like many photographers) collect cameras, so I took pictures of them to document my collection and alleviate my boredom… Continue reading

Post Profolactic Production Ponderings

Having just finished the video PSA mid-term for my EMF 326 class, i wanted to take a few minutes to reflect of the production process. Continue reading

Jerome Jamboree Pt. 2

After lunch I picked up my pack and headed in the direction of the Gold King Mine, which is a little over a mile from Jerome down a small two lane rode. After walking about three-quarters of the way an ATV pulled up and Mike, the operator and Gold King Mine employee offered me a ride to the front gate. In order to gain entry to the event for the weekend there was a $20 per carload entry fee. I showed up on the back of an ATV, I didn’t have a Volkswagen and they didn’t know what to do with me… Please follow the link below to read more Continue reading