Behind the scenes: Twin Arrows, Ariz.

looking through the lensToday was destined to be a great photography day. Originally, I was going to help out Matt Beaty of Vault Photography with an advertisement shoot for a local Car Dealership he has been working with. The plan was to get a new Subaru WRX and drive it around to get action shots. When we arrived at the dealership, they had not only sold the car earlier that week but didn’t have time to deal with us that day and sent us packing. Not to be discouraged, Matt, Andrew Paffrath (who was along to shoot some video) and I grabbed our gear, called up the beautiful Alexandra Felix to model and headed out to Twin Arrows, Ariz. to have some fun and get our creative on. Hit the link to see more photos and read more about our adventure. (the above shot is the back of Andrews T2-I taped to the dash, recording the ride there.)getting thereMatt and Alexandra grabbing the gear

After getting to the spot we walked around for a while and scouted the location. The wind was fierce, but the sun was out, so we enjoyed our time. There is an abandoned gas station and diner, as well as two giant arrows sticking into the ground and that’s about it. One of many ghostly shells left over from the Route 66 glory days.

andrewAndrew blogging from the middle of nowhere thanks to wireless internet.

andrew 2Andrew connected to the internet from another awkward location.

matt and andrewMatt and Andrew making a video blog on location.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, the stuff we were creating could be transmitted live via wireless internet. Matt and Andrew are making a Vlog, live form Two Arrows to promote the up coming Visual Collective spring trip, which promises to be an amazing time that i hope to attend; assuming the overlords at the salt mine allow me a personal leave of duty.

locationMatt and Alexandra at he bottom of the silo location.

andrewAndrew being mischievous with snow while picking up Ms. Fleix

mattMatt, the all american


It was an amazing day, so much fun to get out of town and see the mountain from a different angle. The insane wind added to the shoot, and the crazy location was super fun. I can’t wait to work with this crew again, lots of talent and vision, stay tuned for images from the shoot.


4 responses to “Behind the scenes: Twin Arrows, Ariz.

  1. Taylor! Dude! Great post… Except for that last shot of me. >_<

    I've done my edits, but it'll be a couple days before I get my shtuff posted. You rock and you definitely have to come! We had a blast today!

  2. can’t wait to see your shots, and I like the last shot of you. Also i requested the days off of work, hopefully they will grant me my wishes!

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