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Compositionally Speaking Of Course…

This week my students in Photo 181 were required to shoot images representing ‘Rules of Composition.’ A lot of them did really well, some not so much…Busy compositions, camera shake and things creeping into the corners of frames were common issues. They were prompted to keep an eye out for things like, texture, form, patterns/symmetry, lines, depth, perspective, rule-of-thirds etc. etc.

In an on-going effort to practice what I preach and actually shoot what I assign, here are a few images I shot for this assignment. Hit the link to view everything…

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Land Of The Lost Roll Pt. 2 – Return to FujiChrome Island…

Once again I have found a roll (or in this case two) that have until now escaped my careful eye for some reason or another. If you study your history you will undoubtably remember a post on this blog a few months ago of a similar title detailing the discovery of a roll of exposed film in the deepest bowels of my refrigerator. If not, then please follow this link to catch up…

Now hit the link below to see what was unearthed in this, the latest discovery in an ever expanding archive…

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photo shoot 4`4`2011

A few days ago, I once again had the pleasure of shooting with the one and only Melissa Misfortune. For those of you who follow my work with any regularity you will remember her from my ‘heart in your hand‘ concept a few month back. This time, she provided a fabulously funky fruit filled fashion, I provided the crates and camera. Hit the link below the photo to read more and see the behind the scenes stuff, don’t forget to click the photos to see them full screen if you are having trouble viewing them (on a lap top for example)…

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Photo shoot 3`27`2011

After a brief hiatus to get my mid term portfolio in order, i am back with my weekly photo shoots for my capstone project, which i guess is thematic/alternative portraiture.

katie kamra

hit the link to keep reading and see more images from this weeks shoot, which is Lomography inspired portraits with ring-flash…

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Photo Shoot 3`4`2011

looking for adventure
Friday was another awesome day for photography and general creativity. Matt Beaty, Andrew Paffrath, Katie McKinnon and I headed out to Grand Falls, Ariz. for an afternoon’s adventure and to make some photos and video. Follow the jump to see more images from my shoot, or to see the behind the scenes follow this linkContinue reading

Photo Shoot 2`25`2011

windy day

This was another quickly produced shoot. For those of you not hip-to-the-fact, you can get caught up here. Now that we are all on the same page, follow the link to read all about the technical stuff and everything that went into this shoot… Continue reading

photo shoot 2`20`2011

noelle set up shotYesterday i had a shoot with Noelle Wells. We had planned to go on location to some ruins in the desert a little past Two Guns, Ariz.; however, despite the up-till-now mild winter, Flagstaff is back with a vengeance and we have received about 9” of snow in the past day. So, with our location out of the question, and still needing to shoot this week, we moved to the NAU studio to get creative with backdrops to achieve the feeling I was after. It’s kind of an adventurer/archeologist thing; you might be stranded, but at least you’re still fashionable. Keep reading to see some finished shots and how it all happened. Continue reading

photo shoot 2`5`2011 pt. 1 the story

This week saw a long harbored concept cone to life. About a year ago i had the idea to have a highly styled girl holding some poor chaps heart in her hand. It would be bloody, but not horror…more Gothic in theme. The male wouldn’t necessarily be dead either, it is kind of more of a succubus stealing your vitality thing. That was as far as the idea ever got, until about a month ago when i met Melissa Misfortune via Model Mayhem. keep reading to see a preview of images and find out how much trouble went into this shoot and how it almost completely fall apart a few times…

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photo shoot 1`28`2011

locker set upFriday was another afternoon in the studio, or rather the hallway just outside the studio as it were. As you can tell from the lighting test above, i used the wall of lockers as a backdrop for a quick, but fun shoot. Keep reading to see some images, find out how it all went down and maybe learn a thing or two about what goes on in my head… Continue reading

photo shoot 1`23 pt. 2

rubi and me in tunnel

Here is the second part of the behind the scenes look at my photo shoot on Sunday 1`23`2011, follow the link below to see some images from the shoot as well as a technical breakdown of how it all went down… Continue reading