Lens Baby Pt. Deux

I have been playing with my new Lens Baby Muse for a few days now and have another round of images for all of you to see…

Diptych style image of the science lab building at nau. Making funky looking buildings attractive, gotta love it.

Honey bee pollinating some dandelions. Not easy to capture with a tilt shift lens.

Lamp shade at my-friend-bob-smith-who-lives-downstairs house. I really like the color palette in this images.

Street portrait of Katie. Selective focus can really draw the attention exactly where I want it in the frame, lots of fun.

American flag. I like the way the lens blur creates a feeling of motion and draws the eye into the photo.

Stella. I need to try more table-top/food photography with this thing.

Katie again. She is not actually at the grocery store…


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