I got in really close for these

I spent the last week in Prescott, Ariz. and had a macro lens with me…I have been trying to get shots of insects and flowers lately…I like the challenge of making something (hopefully) better than average out of a very common subject…If nothing else it is just good to show others what I see…Make sure to click on the images to see them larger, some of the detail needs to be appreciated in a larger format…

Water Spider- It has an interesting reflection but moves around too much, it was really hard to get close enough to shoot it.

Water Lilly #1

Water Lilly #2

Water Lilly #3

Water Lilly #4

This one is my personal favorite of this flower. I have been shooting these flowers in my mothers small pond for years and am quite happy with this one. It was it’s first day open, and as such the petals were in good form.

  Wow that’s a bright flower…

I went to the lake and laid on my belly in the tall grass for probably 30 min. attempting to shoot dragon flies before I finally captured one I was mostly happy with. Sam Minkler uses dragon fly lures, I may have to figure these out next time. (definitely click on this one to see larger)

If you thought dragon flies move around a lot, try to shoot honey bees…they won’t sit still.

This lizard sat pretty still, until I got too close. This is a lens baby shot, not the standard macro I used for the rest of this post. Gotta love the ‘sweet spot’

If I had a sled I would name it Rosebud…also this picture…

This guy or girl visited the yard and stood fairly still for a few pics…Check out the eyes in high res…

Well that’s it for now, I have a bunch of other stuff coming out soon, more cameras, more stuff from prescott, maybe flowers in the studio too…


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