Yet another camera collection update

For anyone who is in the know, every so often I like to update you, my loyal friends and followers, as to the status of my ever growing camera collection. If you are new to these parts or would simply like a refresher as to where we have been up to this point, you can see the previous incarnations of this post here, here, here and here…Now that we are all on the same page, hit the link to continue down the rabbit hole…

The two images above are of my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye circa 1950-1961. The flash is detachable, bulbs are still available on Ebay, but I have been considering converting it to take modern electronic flash. It shoots 620 roll film, which is basically the same size as the readily available 120; however, the 620 spools are made of slightly thinner metal than plastic 120 spools. Not a problem though, 120 works just fine after re-spooling it onto the 620 spools. A fun little camera with two shutter speeds (one of which is bulb) and a waist level view finder. This was a gift from my Father whose family had a camera of this model throughout his childhood (as did probably every household in America during that time).

The Yashica Mat-124G circa 1970-1986. A nice twin-lens reflex camera is basically a copy of the more well known Rolliflex of the same type. It shoots 120 film, has shutter speeds from B-1/500 and an f-stop range of f/3.5-f/32. Waist level view finder with pop out 3x critical focus loupe, this is a very fun camera and takes very good images. I purchased this from Andy in Prescott, he had put it on Craigs List.

Included with the Yashica was this little Sekonic multi-lumi L-248 light meter circa 1978. Nothing too special here, just a basic light meter. Set your ASA or DIN (film speed for you digital freaks) choose either incident or reflected metering, press the button move a dial and you get shutter speed/aperture ratios and EV numbers. Although this won’t be replacing my newer digital Sekonic for most stuff especially studio work, it is a good backup and will definitely be going in my daily camera bag.

Ahhh, the Speed Graphic Miniature circa 1946. This large format camera takes 4×5 negatives, has two shutters, four view finders lots of shutter speeds and apertures and came with five negative holders. This (and many of it’s cousins) were among the first cameras to be designed for and used by press photographers. Again, I purchased this from Andy in Prescott. Although I have yet to run any film through this bad boy, you can bet that as soon as I do you, my loyal friends and followers, will be the first to know…

It has been asked of me recently, if I actually shoot any/all of these cameras in my collection…The answer is and will continue to be, absolutely yes I shoot each and every one. I prefer some to others because of design, functionality, looks, results and a whole host of other things, but I put film through them all and have researched extensively about each and every one. From original manuals, to forums of current users, I find out as much as possible about the history, uses and sometimes shortcomings. For me something about the history is intriguing, to see the engineering that went into making these precision instruments, to put myself into a designers shoes when they thought that this particular design would be good…often it is nothing more than designing a better mouse trap, but I find them to be a lot of fun.

Until next time loyal followers…


2 responses to “Yet another camera collection update

  1. Love the Yashica. TLR for the win!

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