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‘Best’ of 2012

Here on the last day of 2012 I have compiled a ‘Best’ of reel (I use the term ‘best’ loosely) These images represent my creative journey this year, and while I may have shot better work, these are some of my favorites. Click on an image to enter the slide show and enjoy…they are in approximately the following order…compositions, disco-tec, studio portrait, location portrait, critters…


Macro Moments

Just a quickie today. I like to shoot flies when I can, it is challenging and also could have other artistic implications if you are prone to giving meaning to things like that.

I got this guy to cooperate for a few frames before he flew off. Shot on my desk with a piece of paper,  a 55mm macro lens and a small cheap ring flash. Not too bad for 30 min work.

new/old workstation

Finally have my new office/workstation set up and ready to rock…after a significant battle with the giant octopus of cords, power strips etc. I came out victorious… Here you can see the Imac I do most of my workflow on as well as a CRT monitor that is connected to my Power Mac G3

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Yet another camera collection update

For anyone who is in the know, every so often I like to update you, my loyal friends and followers, as to the status of my ever growing camera collection. If you are new to these parts or would simply like a refresher as to where we have been up to this point, you can see the previous incarnations of this post here, here, here and here…Now that we are all on the same page, hit the link to continue down the rabbit hole…

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Camera Collection Update pt. four

Yesterday I added two new cameras to my ever growing collection. For those who are  interested, you can see the rest of my collection in previous posts here, here and here. Now for the new stuff hit the link to read more and as always click the photo to see a larger version…

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photo of the day

There was a bag of those little genetically modified oranges at my house the other day; you know the ones, they have loose skin for easy peeling, no seeds, and are perfectly segmented. Anyway, i love them and love to try to remove the peel in one piece. This one was quite successful so i tried to Frankenstein it back together with staples. Then i let it sit on my window sill for a day and photographed what happened next, below is the result…


I thought this was a fun experiment and may do more photo series on decay in the future, as always check back here for updates.

camera collection update

On Sunday I was at the local GoodWill when I found another cool old camera to add to my collection, it was less than $2 and I couldn’t resist.


This is the Vivitar 35CA. It is a small 35mm rangefinder from the late 1970’s. There is an Automatic mode and a Bulb setting. The attached 38mm F/2.7 lens had a skylight filter attached. This camera features a hot shoe and PC sync port, is manual focus and although an automatic camera has a light meter in the viewfinder. During the late 1970’s Japan was producing a ton of these cheap rangefinders and selling them under different names. Essentially all the same, save a few cosmetic differences, this same camera can be found sold as at least four other brands/makes. Another funky addition to my collection. See the rest here and here.

Camera Collection Update

Here is an update to my running series documenting my collection of cameras. You can see the previous post here.


nikon em I spent the morning running errands, on the way I hit up a few local thrift stores, they are always fun and sometimes they have good camera gear. The first stop at Savers was ok. They had a 55mm Canon lens, and a crappy zoom lens, decided to but Highlander on VHS instead. Next stop at the Goodwill was much better. They had this old Nikon EM with a 50mm f/1.8 Nikon lens, it also has a battery pack/motor drive attached, i had to have it. I don’t have a 50mm lens for my Nikon system yet, and since it’s the classic focal length i bought it up. Also had a cool battery pack for an off camera flash, but it was missing the charging cord, passed on that. The EM was marketed as an entry level SLR that only has an aperture priority mode to make use easy for the uninitiated. The camera body is fairly cheap and will likely sit on the wall, however, since Nikon never changed their mounting system (shame Canon) i put this beauty onto my Nikon DSLR and will be using it frequently.

55mm micro management


One thing I love about shooting a Nikon is that they never changed their lens mounting system (shame Canon), so all the old school fixed/manual lenses kicking around still work with my digital body. This week I have been playing with a 55mm f/3.5 micro lens. It can focus on objects as close as about 2” and at f/3.5 the depth of field is razor thin but also very sharp (if i can hold the camera steady enough). It is a lot of fun to look at the world on such a tiny scale and to see compositions all around me. There is very little technical data to provide for these images as they are mostly available light so i will just put them out there and not talk too much, continue reading to see a few of my favorite examples. As always, click on the photos to see a slightly larger version.

The above photo is a small Ganesha statue in my kitchen, f/4 sb-600 bounced off the ceiling. Continue reading