camera collection update

On Sunday I was at the local GoodWill when I found another cool old camera to add to my collection, it was less than $2 and I couldn’t resist.


This is the Vivitar 35CA. It is a small 35mm rangefinder from the late 1970’s. There is an Automatic mode and a Bulb setting. The attached 38mm F/2.7 lens had a skylight filter attached. This camera features a hot shoe and PC sync port, is manual focus and although an automatic camera has a light meter in the viewfinder. During the late 1970’s Japan was producing a ton of these cheap rangefinders and selling them under different names. Essentially all the same, save a few cosmetic differences, this same camera can be found sold as at least four other brands/makes. Another funky addition to my collection. See the rest here and here.


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