North West Passage Preview

Last weekend, as those of you who follow this blog and especially those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I shot another Ragnar Relay. This time in the far north west corner of our country, throughout beautiful rural Washington. Between Jerry Forman (my accomplice) and I we shot over 4,000 frames and had a great time. Here are a few of my favorites from my take. I am quite happy with the images I shot of the runners, but many of my favorites were just of the area we explored…(make sure to click the images to see larger versions)

Lord of the Ragnar team

Locals fishing for crab

Runners jumping over crabs

Different runners jumping over crabs

crab close up

Running through wheat fields

There were a lot of farms…

A bridge over a river…

View of a small farming town from the previous bridge

Then it was night, and the runners kept going and going and going…

I tried to blind a few with flash

The bridge over deception pass about 5am

View from the previous bridge over deception pass about 5:15 am

Foggy in Washington… surely you jest…

Water, islands and stuff

Birds, buoys and stuff

Then it was sunny


For some reason Whidbey Island is covered in phone booths.

I found a boat

Water Splash/team support on leg 34

Very cool dude

I have more to post but am short on time, next week you will get Ragnar NWP pt. two and another surprise which I am off to shoot now…till then…


2 responses to “North West Passage Preview

  1. Some seriously gorgeous stuff! Love it!

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