Power-lines in a Square Frame

After sending a roll of color slide film to be developed, I loaded my camera with some plain old silver halide film and shot for the next two afternoons.

I was interested in seeing how I could compose power-lines in the square frame, so began my weekend…

This self-assignment was fun and touches on another ongoing self-assignment I like to shoot often, industrial compositions.

Taking everyday objects of industry and modernity somewhat out of context and arranging them within a frame is challenging and often quite rewarding.

One of the biggest challenges lies in simply seeing a composition that speaks to you. This is one of my favorites…

Patterns are important, and often they can incorporate depth. However, often I like a somewhat flat plane of shapes instead…

Like so…

Organic and mechanical components blend into one shape

That’s it for now, just another walkabout roll I guess, but still lots of fun…

If you are this far and care here is the nitty gritty…

Yashica Mat 124-G::Kodak 125PX::HC-110 Dil. E::Digitized and all that jazz


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