Assisting In Sedona

Sunday I had the pleasure of assisting Brad Wilson, a commercial and fine art photographer based in New York and Santa Fe on a magazine shoot in Sedona, Ariz. Hit the link for some behind the scenes stuff…

The editors wanted red rocks and a classic southwest looking scene in which to place Olympic running hopeful, Alvina Begay. Above is where we went to shoot with the Profoto Pro-7b’s in the foreground.

Detail of one light pack.

Another view, who cares about the rocks when you have a Hassy with a Phase One P45 back to shoot.

Another detail of the camera back,

Like I always say, “keep it classy, shoot a hassy”

Giving my ~3mp camera phone a 42mp upgrade…

Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. Brad was easy to work with, ran a low key and efficient operation ans is extremely talented as well. Check out some of his work at his web site here…

If you are wondering, the animal portraits are real, live animals shot in a large warehouse studio.


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