Pectoral Popping Personal Pundit

A few weeks ago I posted a few preview images from a shoot I did with Prescott, Ariz. based personal trainer, Robert Altmanshofer. While the images have been finished for a while, I am just getting around to posting about it. Hit the link to see some more and get the behind the scenes scoop…

This fitness shoot was a first for both Robert and myself. While we did shoot everything in color, I really just prefer the black and white as is almost always the case.

The lights were fairly simple for these high-key images, since I neglected to take a set-up shot I will just have to describe it for those of you who are gear centric…

Shot on a 9′ white vinyl sweep with two lights in umbrellas on the background. Two 3′ Octa-boxes as rim lights on Robert left and right. One 5′ Octa-box camera right as my key. All are Profoto D1 heads triggered with Pocket Wizards.

Then we moved into a low-key look, which I was a bigger fan of. Set up is as follows…9′ Black vinyl sweep, 5′ octa-box key, 1×6′ strip box as rim light.

I liked the symmetry in this shot, and contrasting Roberts form with the metal bar.

Helped to give some lines to the image and gave him something to grab and help flex his muscles.

Detail shot of Robert’s forearms

Lots of back muscles. I really like the form and shape going on in this photo.

Although I have shown a similar image to this one in a previous post, this is the digital version (the other was shot on the Hasselblad and Kodak T-Max).

That’s about it for now, we had a ton more photos but these are a few of my favorites. If you are in Northern Arizona and would like to work with Robert as a personal trainer you can get in touch with him through his Facebook page here…

Until next time my little Droogies…


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