What’s In Your Camera Bag::2013 Event Photography Edition::

Frequent followers of this blog may remember a post by the same name I did one year ago today over on thevisualCollective blog. If for some reason you don’t remember, then hit this link and be refreshed…Now on to new news. Below you will see a photo of my current digital set-up, hit the link and read on brave follower to be enlightened…


I still have most everything I did last year, the main difference is the addition of a second, back-up camera system and the switch to a Domke camera bag…

-Nikon D300s Camera body w/ battery grip.
-Nikon D200 Camera body w/ battery grip.
-Extra AA battery pack for both cameras, extra proprietary Nikon battery.
-Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8
-Nikon 18-70mm f/4.5
-UV filters, polarizer, 2 stop ND and a filter step down ring
-Nikon SB-700 w/ bounce and stand.
-Nikon SB-26 w/ bounce card and stand.
-Gel kit.
-Cleaning kit, blower brush and micro fiber cleaning cloth.
-Extra memory cards, empty cases for the cards in my camera.
-Pens and sharpies.
-Gaff tape, electrical tape
-Hook and loop strap, rubber bands, safety pins, more batteries, extra cleaning cloth, small bubble level, small clamps, lighter, glue stick, zip-ties, carabiner
-Hand warmers and facial tissue.
-Small 5-in-1 reflector.
-Flash to pocket wizard cords.
-10 pin to Pocket wizard cord for remote camera release.
-Tethering cable.
-Head lamp
-Small notebook and Model/property releases.
-Leather Man multi tool.
-Granola bar.
-Press Pass.
-Gum/cigarette filters.
-Fat stack of business cards.

This is my standard, event kit. Options to include in this kit vary depending on the assignment but could include…




-Tripod Kit::Gitzo GT3340 legs, Benro B3 ball head, DIY vertical bracket and macro slider. Custom shoulder strap.
-Small Light Kit::Manfrotto double folding light-stand, DIY super-clamp, flash bracket. Custom shoulder strap.
-Nikon 35-70 f/2.8 for portrait assignments or things where I may want a little extra reach.

In addition to some or all of the above, when shooting most live concert events I carry the following off camera lighting kit…


-3x Vivitar HV-285 Speed-lights
-3x Extra AA batteries.
-3x DIY super-clamps.
-5x Pocket Wizard transceivers.
-Assorted/necessary Pocket Wizard-mini jack, pc or vivitar sync cords.
-Assorted gels.
– Small flash stand.
-Hot-shoe mounted pc adapter.

The bags have swollen and my back is breaking, but this is what it currently takes to get what I want out of the events I shoot. This doesn’t even touch on studio gear, which could be a whole other post, but that is mostly lighting and grip related, the camera bag remains the same…



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