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New Year, New Images

The new year is in full swing and I have been shooting like a mad-man. Graduations, basketball and lots of snow related assignments. Check out a sampling of what I have been up to below, as usual, click an image to enter the slideshow for the best viewing…


Best of News::2015

It took me a while to get it together, but here is the second part of my “Best of 2015” post. Check out the previous post for images of sports, presented here are more news related images from the past year. I would like to put together one more as a “Best of Personal Work” but I will need to get a scanner as I shot almost exclusively film when not at work…Find me in person and I will let you dig through my box of prints if that appeals to you. In the mean time, please enjoy a selection of my favorite images from the past year. As always the best way to view the images is to click on the first one and enter slideshow mode…


Best of Sports::2015

While digging through the last years worth of images working on a “best of” post I came to the realization that my sports shots really needed their own post. This style of photography, while not something I ever thought I would do so much of, is a major part of what I do, but different enough from the rest that I think it justifies a separate post. Below is a variety of images which actually lean toward “sports feature” instead of sports action, good sport feature is really the more difficult side of sports shooting. While I may have been better shots throughout the year, Jah knows there were enough of them, here are 25 that I tend to like…

Wrestling Santa and Other Pastimes

Lots of wrestling, my first santa assignment of the year *sigh* a discotheque and some other stuff too. Have begun to work on a ‘Best of 2015’ post, stay tuned for that in the coming weeks as time allows.

A Snapshot of November

Well once again I have let another month slip away without really blogging about anything…Here is a quick snapshot of some of what I covered for the month of November. New bars, schools, courts, salons, sports and more…


Not Sure What Hapened To October

Not exactly sure where the last month went, didn’t get a chance to post, but was quite busy. Here is a brief overview of some of the assignments I worked on, there were more, but they aren’t here…

Sports, Science and a Little Logging

Volleyball and football seasons are going strong, Flagstaff continued it’s annual Festival of Science and I toured a logging operation to wrap up September and kick off October.

Music, Dance, Sports and Metal

Quite a long week at the paper, late nights and diverse assignments. The Flagstaff Festival of Science kicked off this week, an annual Bluegrass fest went down, I saw sports and toured an artist studio…

A Fair, Two Portraits and Some Mining

Have you ever wondered who makes up the staff at the Arizona Daily Sun? No? Well I was asked to photograph the news room staff for an award ceremony, below is almost everyone. Stereotypes about the auto repair industry being male dominated? One young lady is helping to break that apart, see photo below. Local residents are upset about a possible gravel mine being built, and I was able to attend the Coconino County Fair for the first time ever last weekend, pretty good stuff, pretty diverse weekend.

Animals, Artists and an Airshow

Fairly diverse week as far as assignments go. Did everything from a river tour, more on that in a few weeks, checked out a local air show, toured area artist studios and watched as 4-H Club kids prepared for the annual Coconino County Fair.