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Culture Shock Interiors::September 2012

This month the Culture Shock crew built an underwater octopus/jellyfish  paradise. After a more than seven hour build, Octopus Nebula, from Denver Colorado unloaded for a sound check, and then proceded to get the crowd real octopussy until the wee hours of the morning, tentacles were flying…Here are some of the interior shots, Samantics 3d bit mapping was particularly good this time, click on the first image to be taken on an unter-the-sea journey.



Culture Shock Interiors::August 2012

Spent all afternoon yesterday helping build the stage and lounge for Ill-Esha’s set at Culture Shock. Below are some images of the stage with the bit-mapped projections. Above is the Sunflower Lounge area, which is a seven or eight image panorama. Be sure to see them in full size and head over to my Facebook Page to join the conversation…

R3D F0X Culture Shock After Party::August 18 2012

Once again DJ R3D F0X ( one of my personal favorites, and a really cool dude) killed the Culture Shock after party till the sun came up. If you weren’t there you had better be dead or in jail. But just in case, I shot some photos for everyone to remember their time. Head over to my Facebook Page and check out some of the madness…

Culture Shock Presents::Heyoka

Last night I photographed DJ Heyoka at The Green Room. If you were there and are looking for your photos or just want to see what happened at the party you missed, hit the link here to check them out…