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Culture Shock Interiors::August 2012

Spent all afternoon yesterday helping build the stage and lounge for Ill-Esha’s set at Culture Shock. Below are some images of the stage with the bit-mapped projections. Above is the Sunflower Lounge area, which is a seven or eight image panorama. Be sure to see them in full size and head over to my Facebook Page to join the conversation…


Pano Pandemonium Pt. 2

Shot several panoramic images yesterday, thought I would share them with everyone. They are all taken around Northern Arizona University during and after my classes yesterday. Above is the second floor loby of the School of Communication. Click on each image to view it slightly larger. Hit the link for several more… Continue reading

Pano Pandemonium

Lots and lots of panoramas in the last few weeks. Here are a few examples of the more successful ones. Above is a ruined building at Rholyte, Nev. I believe this is 4 or 5 images. Be sure to click the images to see them a little larger. (most of these are between 70-150″ long in full size, and had to be massively downscaled for web.)

Hit the link for more…

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