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Best of Sports::2015

While digging through the last years worth of images working on a “best of” post I came to the realization that my sports shots really needed their own post. This style of photography, while not something I ever thought I would do so much of, is a major part of what I do, but different enough from the rest that I think it justifies a separate post. Below is a variety of images which actually lean toward “sports feature” instead of sports action, good sport feature is really the more difficult side of sports shooting. While I may have been better shots throughout the year, Jah knows there were enough of them, here are 25 that I tend to like…


Flagstaff Pro Rodeo 2015

Well despite my best efforts to keep up, I have been a slacker. Super busy on my end means less time to think about blogging. Either way, here is a selection of images from the second annual Flagstaff Pro Rodeo that took place this weekend.