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Best of Sports::2015

While digging through the last years worth of images working on a “best of” post I came to the realization that my sports shots really needed their own post. This style of photography, while not something I ever thought I would do so much of, is a major part of what I do, but different enough from the rest that I think it justifies a separate post. Below is a variety of images which actually lean toward “sports feature” instead of sports action, good sport feature is really the more difficult side of sports shooting. While I may have been better shots throughout the year, Jah knows there were enough of them, here are 25 that I tend to like…


The Last Week of August -or- Beginning of Football Season

Last week was not a very busy week in news; however, high school sports season is in full swing. Three football games in as many days kicked off what is really beginning to feel like fall here in Flagstaff.

End of November Begining of December

Some photo-j favorites from the last few weeks…Some feature/events a few sports and a larger photo essay about plastic bags in Flagstaff…You know the drill, click a photo to enter the slide show and see more info. I will post stuff from the last week, later this week…

Some additional features and stuff

A few shots from the last month or so, everything from portrait, to feature and even some sports shots that I don’t hate…make sure to click on an image to enter the slideshow and show caption info.