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Forest Thinning

In an attempt to keep the ball rolling, here is another slideshow from a recent assignment I shot for the Arizona Daily Sun…State and local crews are working on a few sizable forest thinning projects in the Flagstaff area. Some residents see trucks full of logs coming out of the forest and fear that ┬áthe thinning has gone too far and is more like a clear cut.

Unfortunately the article kind of spins it this way, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The thinning of sick, dead and over crowded Ponderosas is necessary for forest health and to help reduce the risk from wildfire. Our forests are far too dense from generations of mismanagement, a forest floor covered in pine needles is bad, there needs to be open space, grasses and flowers too. Here is a link to the original article, and the slide show below, click on an image to enter the slide show and see captions etc…