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Shooting Strangers…Photo 181 Natural Light Exercise

Tonight I assigned my photo 181 student to shoot a natural light portrait. I told them about how you can’t just go out and find great light, you have to be ready for it when and where it happens. This means having your camera with you all the time and not being afraid to shoot strangers. If you follow this blog with any regularity, you will no doubt know that I am quite a fan of ‘street portraiture’ and as such often shoot complete strangers. This is very challenging, but has produced some of my favorite images…

If any of my students happen to read my blog, I shot this between classes tonight at the coffee shop in the science building. If I hadn’t had my camera with me I couldn’t have captured the light. I saw an interesting character, Hans…He had a large stack of notebooks and was in some great window light. So get out there, drop the excuses and shoot some strangers.