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BigZona Burlesque Visits the Monte Vista Hotel

mahoney_20130714_2879A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interacting with and shooting the always fabulous BigZona Burlesque Troupe. This time we took over the roof the the historic Monte Vista Hotel in downtown Flagstaff, Ariz. The monsoon clouds were just forming and the sun was setting in the west. This is one location in town that isn’t opened to photographers or anyone for that matter, very often, I felt quite privileged to be given the access. Please head over to the bZb Facebook page to see more of the images from this series and the other shoots we have put down..



Coffee Portraits or Land of The Lost Roll pt. 4

On a recent cleaning/organizing binge I discovered several lost or forgotten rolls of film kicking around my room. Here is  a short series taken from one of those rolls…

I love coffee more than just about anything. Sharing it with friends is part of the experience that appeals to me. Here are some friends I shared coffee with sometime early last fall.

Despite the metadata the slide show tries to provide, these were all shot on my Nikon FM on Ilford Pan F+.

Something Stylish

Recently a friend wanted to do a quick photo shoot so he could have something to post on his Tumblr for a notorious Tuesday themed hash-tag. While we did get this image (it is displayed below) I admire this friend’s classic rocker style and wanted to shoot a little of that as well…click an image to enter the slideshow…

Self-Portrait Preview

Early this fall I began work on a series of self portraits. Not portraits of me specifically, but portraits taken by the subjects themselves…I left my gear set up all the time and had the camera on a wireless trigger with a large mirror set up behind. Anyone who stopped by the house was requested to stand in for a few portraits exactly as they were. I felt that if the subjects knew the exact instant they were to be photographed (by pressing the remote shutter button) their reactions, poses and everything else would be more genuine or at least somehow different than if I were to stand behind the camera and decide when the moment was right. The progression from the first photo a subject took until the last is often quite interesting. Often they started unsure, shy and timid, then progressed to some state of enjoyment. Although the full series is not presented here, this is a small preview of a few favorites…

The device you can see in most of the subjects hands is the remote trigger. Although this project is ongoing, I have been at a standstill on it for several months, stop by sometime and take your portrait if you are in the neighborhood…

‘Best’ of 2012

Here on the last day of 2012 I have compiled a ‘Best’ of reel (I use the term ‘best’ loosely) These images represent my creative journey this year, and while I may have shot better work, these are some of my favorites. Click on an image to enter the slide show and enjoy…they are in approximately the following order…compositions, disco-tec, studio portrait, location portrait, critters…

F+ Pan 50

A fine film stock, for a fine morning…Nikon FM, Nikon 50mm f/1.8, Ilford F+ Pan 50

Some People I know

Developed two new rolls yesterday. The following were shot quickly, usually just as the subject became aware their photo was being taken. I have been getting into the flow of my new camera (Nikon FM) we operate fairly smoothly and quickly together. Without further adieu, some friends… Continue reading

Just Some Powerlines

In an effort to beak up the blog roll a little, I present you with some new compositions. People often ask me, what do you take pictures of? My usual answer is, “mostly power lines.” These industrial forms speak to me, I see the contrast between them and clouds, trees and more as very interesting…

At a recent showing of some of these images, I wrote a short piece to help describe my thinking…

Industrial Compositions

“Mathematics would certainly have not come into existence if one had known from the beginning that there was in nature no exactly straight line, no actual circle, no absolute magnitude.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

I am intrigued by the walls we build to construct and divide our reality. The images presented here are intended to highlight the places where the natural world and the man-made one collide. The natural and organic shapes of plants, animals and people juxtaposed against the hard, angular and artificial forms of man-made objects.

Sometimes I have taken these industrial forms and isolated them. By looking at man-made objects out of context and through the lens of abstraction I aim to highlight the individual form and functional beauty of industrial objects. I try to divide each frame in a very conscious way, everything exactly where it should be, not unlike the way we divide our world with these forms.

By carrying a camera most everywhere I go, I am able to capture the world as I see it, highlight the beauty I find in the mundane, overlooked or everyday and share my vision with others. It is my sincere hope that these images will inspire others to slow down enough to really see the world around them and appreciate the details that are an integral part of our reality.

This portfolio of images represents a selection of photographs collected all over the world over the last six years. These photos are shot with both digital and analogue capture methods and a variety of camera systems.

The above images were all shot on my Nikon FM with Ilford F+ Pan 50, but more on that later…



Artist Portraits

What follows are a few portraits of my painter friend Will Ambrose. The above shot reminded me of the Bad Religion album cover “The Empire Strikes First.” Will thought this was his “I’m going to work at IBM” look…

Continue reading

My Mamiya Mit Mid Morning Meridian

Stopped by the Photo 285 summer session class at Northern Arizona University for a few days this week. The students were shooting in the studio all week and I hung out, helped a few students and shot a little too. Recently I have been on a natural light kick, so in keeping with that tradition I put down a few frames of Stormy outside the Communication building and in a stairwell with floor to ceiling windows… Continue reading