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Sports, Science and a Little Logging

Volleyball and football seasons are going strong, Flagstaff continued it’s annual Festival of Science and I toured a logging operation to wrap up September and kick off October.

The Politics of a Sports Tattoo

The name kind of says it all, another fairly diverse week. This wasn’t everything I shot, but more like a highlight reel of a few good assignments. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey visited a local school, the city council whatever it is they do, there were lots of sports and a memorial tattoo day…


The Last Week? I think…

A weekly update for you my little droogies. Some stuff from the last week. Perhaps nothing earth shattering but it is what I did…I have been feeling better about my sports shots lately, I do after all shoot a lot of them. Click on an image to enter the slide show and see caption info.

Some More Newish Stuff

In trying to keep this blog idea rolling, here are some favorites from the past two weeks or so at the Daily Sun. Surprisingly there are quite a few sports shots here, humm. If I can get some prints scanned, I may share some personal stuff too…Please click on an image to enter the slide show and see caption info.

In other news, my Nikon D300s decided to start communicating with cpu enabled lenses again today, for no apparent reason…