photo shoot 1`23 pt. 2

rubi and me in tunnel

Here is the second part of the behind the scenes look at my photo shoot on Sunday 1`23`2011, follow the link below to see some images from the shoot as well as a technical breakdown of how it all went down…(Continued from previous post)

Sundays shoot was a lot of fun and came together with almost no notice, thanks again to Julio and Rubi for being amazing and easy to work with. Again, this was a very interesting shoot at a location i have thought about using for a few years now and was finally able to get it together. The rest of this post will be devoted to explaining the technical process that went into a few of the photos from this shoot…

rubi in tunnelThis is Rubi inside the large drainage tunnel, which is about 5-6′ in circumference and almost totally dark inside, there is a little ambient light but not enough to really see let alone use auto-focus effectively. Since city planners didn’t have the foresight to put electrical outlets inside this drainage tunnel, i used several off camera flashes (which are AA battery powered)to light this shot, which means no modeling lights, which means great difficulty composing and focusing in almost complete dark.

One Nikon SB-600 in a 45” Westcott double-folding umbrella in shoot through mode as my key directly behind camera axis shooting down the tunnel, about 6′ from model. One Vivitar HV-285 with a DIY spot-gird behind model about 12′ shooting toward the camera. This was easily one of the most awkward places i have ever shot, between the narrow tunnel, the water on the ground and the almost complete dark, i feel like this came out pretty well.

rubi in punkrock modeThis is one of the shots that is detailed in the set-up shot in the previous post…I really like the look of this, and her attitude is great.

rubi natural lightAs Julio was getting a light ready just inside the tunnel behind Rubi, i caught this natural light shot. The light is coming in though the metal grate that creates the roof of the old graffiti room, she is standing in front of the large tunnel we had just shot much deeper inside of.

For the dedicated readers who have made it this far, too see the complete series of shots as well as outtakes and alternate versions, visit my portfolio site, go to client access and enter the following password…



One response to “photo shoot 1`23 pt. 2

  1. Gorgeous. I like the top image, but I feel like the last image (in black and white) in the capstone series on your site is even better!

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