55mm micro management


One thing I love about shooting a Nikon is that they never changed their lens mounting system (shame Canon), so all the old school fixed/manual lenses kicking around still work with my digital body. This week I have been playing with a 55mm f/3.5 micro lens. It can focus on objects as close as about 2” and at f/3.5 the depth of field is razor thin but also very sharp (if i can hold the camera steady enough). It is a lot of fun to look at the world on such a tiny scale and to see compositions all around me. There is very little technical data to provide for these images as they are mostly available light so i will just put them out there and not talk too much, continue reading to see a few of my favorite examples. As always, click on the photos to see a slightly larger version.

The above photo is a small Ganesha statue in my kitchen, f/4 sb-600 bounced off the ceiling.

kitchen sinkthe drain in my kitchen sink, lit with a combo of window and fluorescent. f/4


negative compone of the pieces of negative that clutter my desk. Tungsten desk lamp, f/3.5


i want your skullMy human skull that sits in the living room. f/4 sb-600 flash bounced off the wall.


heather cati know…pet photography…but i liked the fine detail, f/8 sb-600 bounced off wall behind me.


bulleti was visiting my friend bob smith who lives downstairs and took this image of a hole caused by a bb gun in the window of his sun room. f/5.6 natural sun light


avocadomy friend bob smith who lives downstairs had an abnormally large avocado, i thought this was kind a painterly composition. f/5.6 natural window light


paper and glassesthis morning i ate breakfast at Macy’s Coffee and took this image of my sunglasses sitting on my newspaper. f/11 direct sunlight.

Glad you looked at my images from the past few days, i am working on getting a series of portraits together using this lens, if you would like to be a part of it let me know i would love to have any and everyone.


One response to “55mm micro management

  1. I love this. Ganesha is my favorite! Hope you are well!

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