Photo Shoot 2`25`2011

windy day

This was another quickly produced shoot. For those of you not hip-to-the-fact, you can get caught up here. Now that we are all on the same page, follow the link to read all about the technical stuff and everything that went into this shoot…

When we arrived at Twin Arrows, the wind was fierce, but we were in high spirits, In most of my shots from the day, the wind plays a major factor in the composition. If nothing else it presented more than a few challenges that needed to be solved, which is really half the fun of doing this kind of stuff at all. There were a ton of great images from this shoot, too many to post here, but i have provided some examples of the various looks we did.


As you may know from previous posts, some of my creative friends were around as well, they have produced some videos and other content which highlight the kind of projects we all hope to be working on together in the future. Stay tuned for some more great content from these guys…

in a cage

In a departure from what i have been doing lately, this shoot was done mostly with, clean, warm and beautiful natural light. Although i have posted mostly black and white versions, the color works very well also. I had flashes and modifiers with me, but due to a lack of “feeling it” i opted for the natural, late- afternoon solution.

strip of light

I have an old Air Force jacket that a friend gave me last winter. I don’t know where she got it (thrift store?), but it is the warmest thing i own and looks good too. I guess it belonged to an Airman First Class, or so i have been told as judging by the arm patch. With the high winds, i thought the movement a longer style coat could provide would be cool, I put Alexandra in it and had her climb a ladder 25 ft. off the ground with extreme winds, while i sat atop a silo opposite her to shoot over the edge. Matt Beaty and I were pretty sure we were going to be blown off the top of our silo, but fortunately we didn’t. A recurring theme this spring seems to be difficult locations/risky endeavors, but that could also be a theme throughout my career i don’t know.


The next location was behind the abandoned cafe at Twin Arrows. There is a patio and a few back buildings. As with all remnants of previous prosperity, this Route 66 ghost is kind of creepy. Not nearly as creepy as living on the former Fort Ord in Monterey, Cali., but still strange enough.

door way light

The above photo is at the back of the old diner just inside a doorway. Gotta love that soft quality of light windows and door ways provide.

out backon the diner patio

Check back soon for more updates from the visual collective spring trip. Headed to Death Valley on back roads with the plan to stop along the way and make some great art. Should be a good way to spend a few days


5 responses to “Photo Shoot 2`25`2011

  1. Love it! Especially that last image. Can you come for sure!?

  2. I requested the time off from work, my manager won’t tell anyone ahead of time if they get the time they request off or not, but she said there was a good chance, so i am going to say, yes i am along for the ride!

  3. absolutely amazing 🙂

  4. @ Linds, Glad you liked it, this was a really fun shoot with lots of challenges. Alexandra is an amazing model, an din combination with the backdrop of Twin Arrows, Ariz….good stuff.

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