Photo Shoot 3`4`2011

looking for adventure
Friday was another awesome day for photography and general creativity. Matt Beaty, Andrew Paffrath, Katie McKinnon and I headed out to Grand Falls, Ariz. for an afternoon’s adventure and to make some photos and video. Follow the jump to see more images from my shoot, or to see the behind the scenes follow this linkstanding time

This week I shot using all natural light again, very refreshing. It is easy to get carried away with flashes and trying to recreate natural looking light that too often I don’t actually use natural light. Everything in the series today was shot using a light meter and camera, that’s it.

standing tall

I have been really into making my images black and white lately. For some reason my subjects over the past month or two have just looked great this way and don’t necessarily need color. Still though, i have been playing with my color palette and how i mix the colors in my photos.


Ms. Katie is a lot of fun, she has many tattoos and umbrellas, she will be joining us for part of The Visual Collective spring trip, which promises to be a great time, glad to have you along if only for a little while Katie.


After wading to various levels of success across the Little Colorado, we set up underneath the falls and shot some photos. For most of these shots the sun is behind the subject and i am exposing for her face. I love the way the water detail gets blown out to give a nice high-key look.


and another example…

singing in the rain

colorplaying with the color palette

on the way home, we stopped at a dry lake bed to shoot another look…

landscape #3a study in human and natural form

landscape #2

Finally, the last road out of town…

hitch a ride

One thing i love about these projects we have been working on is that we all go to the same locations with the same models etc. everyone has their own take and creative twist on the subject. Check out Matt’s photos, they are great, some are similar, but seen through different eyes.

Next weekend is The Visual Collective outing to Death Valley. We will be blogging from location and producing a ton of killer content, stay tuned for more…


One response to “Photo Shoot 3`4`2011

  1. I love the first image of her lying in the dirt! That first shot with the umbrella is nice too – I think the lens flare makes it.

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