Death Valley pt. 1

out of andrewThis weekend The Visual Collective and I headed out for another adventure. The past few weeks we have been on some day-trips around Arizona, this time we went to Death Valley, Calif. on a four day creative excursion. There are tons of great images on the way as well as some fun behind the scenes stuff. Keep reading to see a few quick photos and introduction. tributary We went to Willow Beach on the Colorado River and rented a boat for a few hours. The above photo is from our campsite on Lake Mead a little later in the day.




stranded 2Sitting stranded still staying stylish.




Eventually we made our way across the border with Nevada then California and on to Death Valley…

matt's arrival

After setting up camp and eating some dinner we got creative with light painting. Here is one example where i wrote my name.


yogaThe next morning everyone got ready in their own way and we headed out to explore the area…

beattyMatt Beaty getting nerdy.

dahlianatural light grab at lunch in Beatty, Nev.


road side shoothad to stop in the middle of nowhere to do this quick shoot. One VAL (voice activated light stand) and one other grip to help with the fabric.

andeefinally made it to the salt flats, Andrew is showing off one of his many fighting styles.

dhaliaThe overcast sky and general haze in the air gave an amazingly smooth light.


salt flats


palmAshley at the salt flats.

So much more content to come, these are just some of my first edits. Check out more stuff from myself and everyone else at The Visual Collective Facebook page. Also head over to Vault Photgraphy’s Blog for more behind the scenes. Till next time enjoy this youtube link.



One response to “Death Valley pt. 1

  1. Nice! I love your shots of Ashley in the salt flats – as I knew I would.

    Also – A better/different version of the Little Tortilla Boy skit –

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